Friday, January 22, 2010

i still have no fridge...

as you can see, my freezer is rather lonely-it's nearing 3pm and still no repair man!!! i'm bitter. i cannot even do groceries because obviously i do not have a working fridge to put anything in!!! im going hungry!!
half of that stuff, that is not even food, is not even mine anyways-like the hotsauce, vodka, bbq sauce-thats all dylans. i am left with apples and clementines, people, like i said before. the carton of OJ is not even open yet, so i think that will be ok...anyways, i am just going to starve until...HES HERE!!

ok he totally came while i was literally in the middle of that last sentence..hence the capitals in a frenzy to answer the door ha anywho, he was able to fix it, the compressor or w/e and now it's just a waiting game for it to get cold again. back in business here!! off to go grocery shopping now.

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