Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hi, my name's breanne,

...and i'm your newest shredhead. is that what people are calling it these days?? i have been hearing about it all over the blogs, so i decided i had to try it. 30 day shred, here i come.
sunday was my first attempt--i got 15 minutes into it including the warm up lol i was effin' dying!!! then monday i did the warm up again and started from where i left off..
today-i did the whole thing! woo so this marks DAY1. i made a playlist of all upbeat music which makes it go a lot faster. i hope that i can actually stick to this. i mostly just want to tone up and thats about it.
if i could just look like this, that would be great. thanks. no biggie.
pic from here


rbandj said...

ok, so what is this thing you're talking about? i wanna knowww (;

bananas. said...

it would be grand if you shredded once and looked like that, huh? haha.

i wish.

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