Saturday, January 16, 2010

date nights are fun

last night, dylan and i had a little date night. we went to kelseys for some grub-which we both could have licked our plates, we loved so much..then were a little mishap with the payment. see, i had a $25 gift card, and our total came to $28 and change, so the girl came over, rang thru the gift card and dylan gave her a $20 to split for the remaining $3; while i am not even paying attention. so then the waitress walks away and we go to leave our tip, AND the extra $3 to take it to $28-apparently dylan had a memory lapse and did not remember what he had just done 1.5 seconds ago-and then im all like 'thats not enough of a tip, heres another toonie...' so we leave, and left thinking we put about a $5 tip and then $3 for the remaining of the bill---well lucky bitch got like an 8$ on a $28 meal..thats 29% yo lol anyways...

after this mishap, we went to see 'its complicated' and what a great movie!! totally impressed, great jokes and meryl steep is gorgeous.

and to top it off-we used movie coupons dylan got for christmas, therefore it was free, and i had a coupon for a free popcorn! heck ya!

1 comment:

nicole addison said...

oh ive wanted to see its complicated for a while! glad you had fun:)

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