Thursday, January 28, 2010

secret is out?

dylan accidently let it slip to my best friend today that he writes a blog to me. shit. see, no one knows about my blog, or his. it wasn't the biggest deal to find out about his, but i'm a follower, i comment on the posts and such, and if she looked around even a little bit, i'm sure she could get to mine very easily.
i started this with the intention of no one ever reading this-as most people did i'm sure. i really did not my want my friends or parents to know about it at all-embarassing! so, my hope is that she does not find's not that i've ever written a single bad thing about my friends on here, it's just my space to write w/e i want and not worry about them knowing everything, you know?

by the way, random-it's like a blizzard outside!!! yikes! i have to go to class in a few hours, i hope it calms down, it's also realllly cold out.



A "cheery" disposition said...

I am sorry that they might find out.. but then again hope for the best that they don't... not that you having anything to worried about. Your blog is lovely.

pixelhazard said...

Very few of my friends know of/read my blog too. strangeb how it works

Anonymous said...

i know what u mean, I havent told any of my friends, only my hubby & sister know, its a big secret! lol

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