Monday, November 9, 2009

wedding weekend

so this weekend was my neighbours wedding. it was lovely.i loved getting dressed up and eating some good food! i had my make up done by dior and it looked great! (if i do say so myself) haha
the first dance..
i also loved my shoes..all 5 inches of them..

i don't really want to put up pictures of people at the wedding or the bride and groom, because well, i don't feel right. so you are stuck with some pictures of me and dylan, and my parents ha
but all in all-a good night. (cant wait until its my turn... ;) )


Ashleigh said...

your dress is so gorgeous!! and love the bright heels you added ..unexpected and makes it a little more fun =)
you and your boy are such cuties!

-city-love- said...

thanks! i always end up with black dresses and i tried my hardest to stay away from it, but i couldn' i had to get some colorful shoes to brighten it up ;)

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