Thursday, November 5, 2009

little one plays in the leaves

i took chloe for a walk the other day up to casa loma-its been a while since i had taken her there.
she is such a scruff ball. and also would not look at the camera for me lol
right now, shes growling at me and throwing her fish at me because she wants to play ha

what a rainy crummy day-at least i have reading to do anyway.

however, tonight holt renfew unveils their christmas windows!!! i look forward to this all year. (actually all their windows are fantastic, the xmas ones are just extra great) too bad it starts at 6 or 630 and thats when my class is. so after class is done im hightailing over there with my mom and chloe to check them out and get some pictures (if they will work with it being dark and the glare on the windows)
cant wait!

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