Thursday, November 12, 2009

not so creative today

i have a bit of a sore throat today...yuk..
dylan and i took a walk along queen st, went to urban outfitters looking for a toque for him, no such luck-however i was able to score a cute knit pink cardigan sweater and a minty green vneck t shirt-grand total $33 with tax. yessss. the sweater was regular $60 and i think the shirt was $30 or something.

on the other side of things, school is kicking my butt!! i have 5 papers, count em..5 (!!) papers to do...gosh..thats like, a lot haha all due by december 1. lucky me.
organization and a good schedule are obviously important here.

other than that? nothing, back to finishing this chapter so i can start my first paper.
tonight? watching the ugly truth with dyl-and chloe too obviously. she is just too cute.

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