Thursday, May 7, 2015

montreal moment...

last saturday, we were sitting on a patio in the st lawrence market having some lunch and decided, hey! let's go to montreal! we texted a few friends until we found people who were able and willing to leave within an hour. we ended up leaving our place around 4:30 and getting to our hotel around 9:30. the thing about montreal is that the bars are open until 3am there, as opposed to 2am here. we bar hopped and hit up about 4-5 different places. we started with a small bite to eat at nyks (the mushroom bruschetta is amazing!), then moved on to carlos and pepe's, then chez alexandre, and finally, to our favourite place, le mal necessaire. this last place was full of hipsters and overpriced drinks in pineapples and coconuts, but it was great. how this girl, who is usually in bed by 10:30, managed to stay awake and drink fancy drinks at 3am, i have no idea.

 the pineapple drink was just so-so.
 but the coconut drink was fantastic. if they weren't $22 each, we would have gotten seconds.

we spent the next morning wandering around old montreal and basking in the hot sun. we enjoyed our little spur of the moment 24 hour getaway and figure we might as well do this kind of stuff more often because, why not?

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