Friday, April 10, 2015

getting artsy...

for the last month or so, i feel like i've been seeing paint by numbers around and it kind of made me want to try one out. the only place i knew to get one was a bit further north than we typically travel by foot, so i just kept putting it off. last week, dylan told me he had a surprise for me at home. my first paint by numbers! when dylan was buying it, the lady at the store asked him how old his child was. he replied, "28" and apparently she had some weird look on her face. whatever lady, i won't be 28 for 4 more months, does that make it better?

now you should know that i have no artistic abilities whatsoever, so i definitely do not have high hopes for this. it's more just something different to do when i get home from work instead of sitting on the couch watching tv or reading a book while the weather is still kind of crummy. i had no idea that these things were so intricate and required mixing your own colours and all. my lines aren't the cleanest, but hey, i'm not expecting to hang this thing when it's done.

 so many numbers.

 it's suggested to start at the top left and work your way across. for some reason i started the opposite way.
 i'm an artist!

progress. many hours down, many more to go.

my only problem so far is that the paint doesn't quite covers the numbers, which i find a little odd and annoying. and since some colors have much more surface area, i feel like i might run out of a few, but i guess we shall see.

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