Monday, February 2, 2015

snow day...

well, well, well. it appears that the second day of february has brought us a huge blizzard! i always find that the big storms come around valentine's day, but i guess this one decided to come a little early. the thing about being an adult is that you don't technically get snow days. well, maybe you do, depending where you work. but as soon as i took chloe out for her pee this morning, i knew that i would be using one of my sick/personal days today. when the snow is higher than my boots (meaning that even boots won't keep my feet dry), it's calling for another 10-15cm of snow throughout the day, and i walk to work, i'm staying put on my couch. not to mention, it's like, -25 out there.

a few days ago - ~8am; nice clear sunny morning and pink skies. 
yesterday - ~5pm; dark and gloomy, storm coming our way.
this morning - ~8am; blizzard.

yesterday was pretty darn cold too, and it snowed a little which means it was the perfect weather to make us a nice chicken potpie again. to top it off, i even made brownies for dessert! 

so, i'm ff to go hang out on my couch, read a book, and stay warm/dry and enjoy this unexpected extended weekend.

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