Monday, January 19, 2015

rock climbing...

yesterday we met up with a couple friends to try out rock climbing for the first time. we went to true north climbing and started off with an introductory lesson for about an hour. we learned how to put the harness on, tie the proper knots, and how to be a good belayer (the person on the bottom controlling the rope). after that, we got our little cards proving we know what we're doing and we were free to stay as long as we wanted. i stuck to the easier walls and colored rocks, but i think i did pretty well for my first time, even though i never made it to the top. it's scary up there! dylan, on the other hand, was basically a pro right away and scaled the walls no problem.
and he's off.

he also managed to shimmy his way up this weird wall in like, 1 minute.
look at those muscles on me! (kidding)

 i think the more challenging part for me was being the belayer for dylan. there's a rather significant weight difference between us and it took some time getting used to bringing him down from the top and not feeling like he was going to lift me off my feet! i just have to trust the ropes and the lever and go for it. overall, it was a pretty fun experience. if it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere (35 minute drive from us downtown), i would easily say we would go more often, but we'll see. 

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