Monday, November 3, 2014

in the spirit...

does anyone else feel like halloween didn't even happen this year? maybe it's because we didn't go out this year, but it felt like just another day that came and went. on saturday morning, i had just woken up and was looking out the window (i sleep with the blinds open). i couldn't believe my eyes and thought i was seeing things in my sleepy haze. is that actually snow out there?! for real? yes, yes it was snow. i took chloe out for her pee and it was blowing everywhere; granted, it wasn't sticking on the ground, but it was swirling around for the whole morning.

since halloween was already out of our minds, we decided to head out to the mall to buy a christmas present (my parents are now done!). while there, we thought we would treat ourselves to a new christmas tree; one that's of proper height and some little one like i've been using for years. we were loading up baskets with this ornament, and oh! that ornament, and hey,that one, too! it's not cheap to decorate a 7ft tall tree, that's for sure. we spent a small fortune, but now we have beautiful ornaments that will hopefully last us years. after we put everything in the car, we went back to hudson's bay since they were unveiling their christmas windows. they also had a little section where you could decorate your own shortbread cookie and you know we took them up on that.

according to dylan, his is supposed to be a man in a shirt and tie.
my sweet little girl.

on sunday, we went over to my parents' house for our regular sunday dinner. they hit it out of the ballpark with both the homemade stew and chicken pot pie. i don't eat meat (still eat chicken), but even i ate some of the stew and just ate around it. they're such homey, cozy meals, and they were perfect for the cold day it was.

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