Thursday, October 30, 2014

winning this week...

all this week at work, we've had various events in support of united way. i contributed to the initial donation, which got me in to all the lunch-related events (pasta contest lunch with 9 different types to sample, sushi lunch, breakfast bar), but i've also bought 50/50 tickets and tickets for a lottery tree. there's also an auction going on; i've made a few bids, but been outbid every time, which is not surprising considering i work with lawyers and they have much more money than me :). but you know, i'll keep trying because i would love the ipad or a gift certificate to barre classes.

as for games, there's family feud, cutthroat kitchen pumpkin-style (friday!), a scavenger hunt (all week long), and a bingo game (yesterday afternoon). i made my way down and just happened to be one of the first 3 people to make a line, so i won a $20 coffee card to the place of my choosing! yesterday morning, there were hawaiian smoothies, fruit displays, kona coffee, and yet another raffle. once i got back to my desk after lunch, i received a email saying i had won something else - a$200 gift card to mcewan group. holy crap, i couldn't believe it! it can be used at any of the 5 restaurants, all of which are pretty fancy. it comes at such perfect timing with our anniversary being in november!

i didn't want to be a pig and take too much fruit, so i limited myself.
heck yes!

most important in all of this is the money that we're donating. so far, our firm has managed to raise over $135,000.00, which is incredible. that amount is about half way to the goal that's been set, so hopefully with the auction finishing tomorrow and the last few activities left, we'll finish strong!

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