Tuesday, August 5, 2014

long weekend...

this past weekend was the second to last long weekend of the summer which is pretty hard to believe. we seemed to keep busy for the most part, yet i felt pretty relaxed. we started thursday by going right from school over to dylan's brother's place (which took about 2.5 hours because we left at the worst possible time for traffic) for some chinese food to celebrate his early birthday and the fact that their uncle is in town from way, way up north.
 ok, this isn't from the weekend, but it's just so cute. it's from the coffee bar inc.
 still trying to find more work items. hoping this will go on (further) sale soon ;)
sometimes when i walk to the subway, it's still so early and the streets are still really quiet and peaceful.
 great way to end the week at school - free funnel cakes and veg burgers!
 ice cream date with dyl. i had dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a fresh (still warm and soft) homemade waffle cone.
 and ice cream sundae for dyl.
and just because our place was nice and tidy for company on saturday.

we also did a little shopping, took a drive to the beach while listening to jazz music, played tour guide, went to the mall yet again, watched a movie, and ate brunch on a patio among other things. and i threw some homework in there for good measure. 

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