Monday, July 28, 2014

solo weekend...

this weekend brought me back to a time of living on my own and watching as much say yes to the dress and keeping up with the kardashians as i want without judgement. early friday afternoon, dylan left to go camping for the weekend with a friend and didn't get home until around suppertime on sunday. i picked up some chinese food on my way home from class friday evening and then watched some mindless television for the night. i woke up saturday and headed to the market to get myself a chicken pot pie for dinner. before making my way back home, i grabbed a coffee and a fresh almond croissant and sat in the park for a bit while people were milling around enjoying the market goods.
 trying to use chopsticks. (semi-successful with the chicken, unsuccessful with the rice)
not as good as i had hoped. the sea salt caramel one is far superior in flavor.
saturday morning trip to the market.
the flatiron building.
missing our guy.
i love waking up with the blinds wide open and the sun shining in.

but alas, he's back and i no longer have the bed to myself ;)


The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

We all need a solo weekend! Glad you had a good time!

daniela said...

I love how your makeup is always so perfect :)

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