Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas date...

us canadians generally like the cold (i know, not all of you!) and we face it pretty well considering the winters we get. that's why when i heard about an outdoor evening with live christmas jazz music, i made sure we would be there. when we got there, there were heaters and muskoka chairs set up, the band was just starting to play and a food and toy drive set up. and of course, free hot chocolate, coffee, and candy canes! we sat in the chairs for about an hour listening to the music and met a girl with the coolest dog - a basset hound/border collie.
such a pretty night.

keeping warm in our sorels.

i cannot believe we've made it to the last weekend before christmas. for us, the festivities start tonight and go every day until next saturday, i believe. visiting friends, here, pot lucks there, you know how it is. tis the season!
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