Tuesday, July 16, 2013

sun and sand...

we might be halfway through july, but i had yet to make it to the beach this year until this past saturday. it was a hot, hot, hot day, sitting at 40 degrees celsius. after our night out, we started the day with some cheap breakfast, a walk along queen st (we got free coconut water and i tried it for the first time. i was thoroughly disgusted) & then went back and changed for the beach. luckily we found parking after only a few minutes of driving around. after nearly 2 weeks of crappy, dark, rainy weather, of course everyone flocks to the beach on the first nice weekend! naturally, we were already dying of heat after walking from the car so we stopped for some refreshing frozen yogurt (greek yogurt with cookie dough, coconut, strawberries, & toffee bits for me) and then trekked on the hot sand and plunked ourselves down.

pale as i am, somehow i've always been able to get away with wearing hawaiian tropic spf 4. yesterday was no different; after laying in the sun for 3 hours, and spending a bit of time waist deep in the water (it was clear and there were no fish, not even minnows, so i was a-ok), i escaped any resemblance of a burn. i think i even got a tan. woohoo.
 sun is out, beach is busy.

bathing suit: h&m a few years ago.

the cn tower way in the back.
 look! i'm in the water!
all sunned out.


Amber said...

Ahh, I wish I lived near a beach so I could just park it there all day!

safire said...

Your swimsuit is so pretty! Looks like you had a ton of fun :)

Life Inside The Locket said...

This definitely makes me lust after a day at the beach, lovely! :)

M + K said...

we can't wait for the warmer months to come around here in australia! it'll be nice to be able to spend the weekend at the beach and like you were lucky enough to do. lovely pictures!


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