Friday, July 19, 2013


happy birthday to me! today i turn 26!

is this my last year in my "mid 20's"? if so, that's alright, i still look like i'm in my late teens. i'm thinking this will be a good year; i'm back in my favorite city, living with a pretty awesome guy, and going back to school. no complaints here!

i've also got alfalfa hair.

no big plans; a nice dinner, maybe some dessert. you know, keeping it simple in my old age ;)


Jen B said...

Well happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and lots of fun!

Quinn said...

Happy birthday! Hope you stuff your face with cake! You are officially in your late mid-twenties! x

safire said...

My sister turns 26 tomorrow! HOW COOL that you guys are one day apart.

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful weekend!

K Ferrero said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope your day went as planned! How grown up to keep it simple lol my husband always wants to do something huge for birthdays but a nice dinner is just as great :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!
I am going to go over to your going back to school post and read it...I am in the same boat
25, done three different programs and now going back to school again.

funny how life works out :p

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