Monday, May 20, 2013

a long weekend...

we spend some of the weekend cleaning up our old place and making it spic and span for the next tenants. not my idea of how to spend 1 of the days of the long weekend, but it had been put off long enough and needed to be done. we spend a lot of time wandering around the city, like usual, me getting a little sick and spending a beautiful afternoon in bed, a double date to see iron man 3, and a bbq at my parents with my aunt and uncle.
 that would be cream cheese frosting in the banana bread and it was delicious.
 blue skies outside, me feeling sick inside. 
drinks were flowing and food was grilling.
caught a few fireworks off the balcony last night.

may 2-4 weekend is always iffy for rain. it's held off all weekend, but of course it's calling for it tonight, when the fireworks are. we go every year to the beaches, and i really don't want to miss out. fingers crossed for no rain!

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Ivvy said...

I love fireworks! So jelly

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