Wednesday, October 17, 2012


yesterday on twitter, i read the news that 149 small-breed dogs had been rescued from 'deplorable conditions' and the local SPCA was asking for donations of towels, blankets, litter pans etc. As soon as i told dylan, he said, "lets go. right now. we're buying blankets and bringing stuff over." i gathered up some old blankets and towels we had here (new, actually, just not used), and we then went and bought about 8 blankets and 4 dog beds to take over. it was nice to see that there was already a lot there that other people had dropped off.
piles outside. and even more inside.

people like that disgust me. why do they exist? i have a heart for animals over people; i help the ones that can't help themselves. if you live in this area, maybe, just maybe, drop a blanket or 2 off?  (short article here)


daniela said...

I've never had pets (thank you, non-animal-loving parents) but I would pick an animal over a human I hope those cuties get snatched up real quick!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I come from a family of animal lovers so what you did pretty much makes me cheer. I just cannot comprehend how people can treat animals badly, it makes me sense.

Off to give my boys lots of pets and kisses.

Rachel Emmilee said...

this post brought a tear to my eye. i dont know how people can do such horrible things.
my husband and i have a 4 year old lhasa apso, he's our pride and joy... our child... our love. if anything ever happened to him, im sure our hearts would break into a million pieces.
you did a wonderful thing, helping the way you did. you're my kinda people!

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