Friday, June 1, 2012

at the park...

the weather has been pretty fantastic lately, so i've been taking chloe to the park and we've been hanging out. me-enjoying the sun. her-rolling around getting covered in grass, leaved, sticks and everything else. want to see too many pictures of chloe? thought so.

"i can see the future. and things look bright. now get this leaf off my beard."

she's so derpy sometimes. but also a happy little girl.
 love her red beard.
feeding her coffee addiction. also, her fur and the way she's sitting makes her look a little, *ahem* large. she's got a hair cut in 2 weeks.

it's raining and it's going to keep raining a whopping 30mm they're called for. they say that might make it a record or something. hopefully the weekend clears up, because, well i'm off and i kind of want to enjoy it. 

have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Clarinda said...

Awww. I ♥ Chloe! Such a cutie. :)

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