Sunday, April 29, 2012

instagram roundup {nyc edition}...

it's sunday! it's sunday! before i can get too excited about leaving tonight, i'm heading out to breakfast with my parents and dylan, then i've got to to go head back to toronto, shower and do my hair (and hope that it stays decent overnight on the bus), and still PACK! though i did get a  brand spankin' new blue heys suitcase (though it was NOT that price, since it was on a great sale) which i'm excited to use, thanks to my parents :)  my old one had a broken handle and dylan got awful angry whenever i made him carry my suitcase (a lot) and the broken handle made it a little difficult. so in honor of us leaving for nyc tonight (9:30 pm tonight, let the countdown begin), i'll leave you instagrams: nyc edition though the years.

 the view.
 trailer park lounge. chelsea. 2010.
 young love. 2008.
times square. 2009.
grimaldi's pizzeria. brooklyn. 2011. to die for.


Meghan said...

Ahh! Grimaldi's! And the bridge. These pictures make me so happy.

Nikolett said...

Such amazing pictures, can't wait to see all the 2012 NYC pics you add to your collection! Have a safe an amaaaazing trip :)

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