Friday, April 6, 2012

hoppity hop hop...

i just want to say a quick happy long weekend to all! i'm going to be busy busy all weekend with baking another triple layer purple ombre cake for my grandma's birthday, making some chocolate suckers, and eating a lot of food (easter sunday dinner) among other things. i personally may not celebrate easter (yes, non-believer here, oh the horror!), but i do love getting presents from the easter bunny still.
 2 years ago for easter, i made pie pops. mm mm good and ridiculously easy.
and cake pops. which i should make again, it's been a while.

tonight, my dad is deep drying a bunch of food and we're probably going to stuff our faces. good thing i (we) started running. enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend and the nice weather that comes along with it!


Sarah said...

I have been meaning to try to make some pie pops! They look so good!

Lisa said...

that is too cute!

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