Monday, April 9, 2012

deep fry friday...

who doesn't love fried food? personally, i can only eat small amounts, but heck, i still like it a lot. my dad borrowed the neighbors deep fryer and we went to town. my mom went out and got some fish and chips at a place nearby and the rest was stuff we deep fried ourselves; french fries, polenta fries, veggies, and smelts for my dad and dylan (yuck!). me, not being a seafood eater, had chicken (not deep fried). as a surprise to my mom who has always wanted to try it, my dad made a few deep fried mars bars after dinner when we were all in a food coma downstairs watching tv. he had made the batter in the afternoon and then fried those babies up.
 do you want to throw up? because i almost did.
 golden delicious.
 (im)patiently waiting.
 oh ya, that's what i'm talkin' about.
the smelts.
the end all be all. deep fried mars bar.

the 4 of us hunkered down on the couch for a bit, watched some tv and moaned about eating too much.

me and dyl also went to see american reunion that night; funny, not hilarious, but glad i saw it because i grew up with the american pie movies. there was one part where stifler made reference to cell phones, and he said 'man, last time we did this, cell phones didn't exist!' how is that to think about?!

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Amber said...

That fish does make me wanna vomit. I am NOT a seafood girl either. However, the fries and mars bars look amazing!

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