Monday, March 5, 2012

25 years...

i can finally post about the champagne birthday now that my computer is back up and running! the cake turned out pretty well, i would say. i wish i had of done a little bit more of a color difference between the lighter 2 shades (it looked different once they were cooked), but otherwise, it was a hit!
 eating away, "oh, you caught me", "ya, that's right!", back to eating away at trimmed off cake.
 plain on the outside, purple on the inside! my dad totally helped with the flat icing on the side.
duckface! for shame!

 here's where the wine kicks in and my face starts getting flushed.

birthday girl
the remnants. feels pretty good to have people saying how yummy something you baked is :) especially because there were a  lot of people i didn't know, so i overheard honest opinions ;)

afterwords, we went to a bar and celebrated 25 years. we got a giant poutine on the way home, devoured it, and went to bed with full bellies. 


lainey @ let it be said...

that cake looks soo good! my champagne birthday was when i was 8, so that was kinda lame. and in all honesty, i didn't even know how champ birthdays until last year, haha.

Amanda said...

YAY for a perfectly purple cake! It turned out amazing Bree! :) Bake my birthday cake? But in pink please? lol. Happy Monday!

Kathy Schneider said...

Looks like you had an amazing Birthday. Here's to an equally amazing year!

Katie's Kollections said...

Good job on the cake looks yummy!

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