Friday, February 24, 2012

champagne birthday weekend...

i'm heading home this weekend for my friends 25th birthday and i offered to take care of the dessert. i'm going to attempt to make this cake and i'm hoping it works out. the recipe tells you exactly how many drops to add for each shade, but i have a paste, so i'll have to go by my eye. could be trouble, so wish me luck! in other news, my countdown is still going strong and i'm growing impatient.
 *65 days*
it's true. via

hope you all enjoy your weekend!

*p.s. in case anyone doesn't know what a champagne birthday is, it's when you turn the same age as the day you were born. my friend turns 25 on the 25th! mine was my 19th birthday; if only i had known about it back then!*


Courtney B said...

Good luck with that cake :) I know it'll turn out just perfect!
And I am sooo jealous of your NYC trip! But so excited for you :)

daniela said...

I have the same planner!!! On the inside at least... I had it for 2011 as well, diff covers though :)
Considering it's already almost March I think time till NYC is gonna fly by!!! So luckyyyy... I know dC and I really want to go back (soon)!!! :))

tiny dancer said...

Champagne birthdays are soo much fun :) I had mine when I was 22 and it was a blast. So glad I was old enough to really enjoy it. Lovely little blog you have here <3


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

I'm with you - I wish I'd known about the champagne birthday thing! Mine was ten years ago, lol.

Good luck with the cake!

Nikolett said...

Goooood luck! That cake looks amazing and I'm sure yours will do (take pics, please!). And ahh, hope that countdown goes by fast (but that the days in NYC seem like an eternity).

I feel so bad for those who had their champagne birthdays when they were 1 (like my boyfriend) haha. I still have a ways to go - mine's when I turn 31 :)

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