Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward and awesome...

i figure it's been a while since i've done an awkward and awesome, so why not today?

-getting asked for my number by a regular at work. it went a little something like this: "blah blah blah conversation..hey, you should give me your number and we should hang out some time" "oh sorry, i have a boyfriend" "the good ones always do" and then cue my face going bright red.
-not  understanding accents. i'm horrible. it really does make things uncomfortable.
-waking up at 2 am and seeing from my bedroom that my kitchen light has gone out. obviously, my first instinct wasn't that the lightbulb burnt out, but that someone was in my place and had turned it off. (ya, my kitchen light stays on all night)...i swear i'm normally a logical person. and then i went and flicked it on and off to make sure it was burnt out (which it was), and i went back to sleep peacefully ;)
-being too lazy to wash a glass when i was done, therefore drinking OJ from the container. and then it dribbled down me. good thing i was alone. (it was nearly done. i wouldn't drink from a container knowing i may have to share with someone)
-how accurate this video is..between 12 and 16 seconds, this is how i am when a butterfly is within 30 feet of me. then i cower in fear and hyperventilate.

-being told i have 'perfect skin' and a 'perfect nose' by 2 different people. *blush* if you say so ;)
-finishing 4 of the books i got for christmas. i'm just motoring along.
-laughing so hard i'm crying over funny youtube videos. alone. wait, maybe this should be under awkward?
-having s'mores in january, especially because i never got to have one in the summer!
-90210/criminal minds/desperate housewives are back after a long hiatus.
-snow is in the forecast for today!! woooohooo (hold back the hate mail :))
-i have 2 weekends off in a row. this is unheard of.
-the fact that me and dyl have kind of planned out what we would like to do for our 'summer getaway' at the end of april. if all works out, i'm (well dylan too, of course) excited! 
-my mom now knows how to text, and even use ALL CAPS. this leads to funny messages from her. things like, "hi honey, it's WINDY WINDY WINDY outside, don't bother with your umbrella, love mom(my)"

 i'm so weird that i wear dylan's undies and pose so oddly in them.

i'm pretty sure i've posted the above photos before, but i thought i would add them in because they kind of fit with the 'awkward' theme. anyways, i'm on my 6th of 7 days in a row at work, and i'm just about spent. tomorrow night cannot come quick enough.


Clarinda said...

I love your mom's text! So funny. :)

Amber said...

I love this idea! The pictures are hilarious! and, I watch youtube vids alone all the time, so I hope it's awesome instead of awkward ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am the same way with accents, it makes me so uncomfortable.

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