Friday, January 27, 2012

hey girl...

only people from hamilton and the surrounding area will understand this, but it's great. although personally, if i had to pick a canadian "ryan" it would 110% be mr reynolds ;)
currently, my Internet is down, and therefore doing this from my phone and can't add a picture, so just imagine the hottie below this text, & when it works again, i'll update this.

Happy weekend!
(looks like i got an image to upload!)


daniela said...

But I want to see the hottie!!! Esp being from the surrounding area and all haha

daniela said...

OMG that picture! Ooo ma Gawd. The wait was worth it.

Nikolett said...

LOL oh my God ... the Barton bus terrifies me so I would love to have Ryan Gosling watching ma back.

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