Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a week together...

this past week, from monday to friday, dylan came up to 'live' with me. he was able to manage that because classes are done and exams hadn't started yet (actually, his first one was yesterday). i had to work a few of those days, but we were pretty much lazy bums and it was great. we cooked dinners, and watched a lot of tv. we watched love actually, too. i heard good things about it, but for me, it really only picked up in the last 45 minutes, and definitely wasn't christmas enough. eh, wasn't a fan.
we also got into mike and molly recently. we downloaded the first season and watched it all last week. they definitely base about 80% of their jokes on fat people, but we find the show hilarious. and dylan also got all the seasons of how i met your mother and we made our way through the first season of that. told ya, lots of tv.

and now, i'm working my way through a 9 day stretch with 1 day off. i am so beyond exhausted. and i had a raging headache yesterday. and i have yet to do my christmas shopping. hopefully that will be done tomorrow when i'm off. on the day it's supposed to rain. le sigh.
 hot chocolate cheers.
rockin' out to christmas tunes. (just kidding, no music was playing)

while it's defintely nice being walked to and from work, and having someone around to watch funny shows with, i'll be honest in saying that it's nice to have my bed back. a double bed with 2 people and a dog just does not work. when we move in together, i will not settle for less for a king (and if i'm being really greedy, a california king). do not touch me when i'm sleeping or i will kick you, elbow you, slap you, etc. i like my space!


Amanda said...

Hahahahaha too funny about the bed situation. We are not the same. I'm a snuggler :) Glad you two got a whole week together (I'm VERY jealous!)

Anait said...

I love HIMYM...so addicting!

And I learned the other day that a California King is the same size as a King bed...it just seems bigger because it is wider, but it is also narrower.

Kerrymarie said...

glad you had a great week together! xx

Luisa Rodríguez said...

my husband says i need space in bed..
maybe it's because i wake up on the other side of it.. :)

it must be (so)... liberating

daniela said...

I love the fake living together <3 But we are definitely getting a king bed. lol

[read this ages ago & starred it...procrastination, what?]

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