Wednesday, December 14, 2011

skipping the gifts?

this year, me and dylan decided to skip christmas gifts for each other. kind of. we're getting one book for each other, because we both love to read (and both have really long amazon lists full of books), but what we're really doing is putting money that would have been used on gifts (ie. stuff) for our next trip. when or where that trip may be is still undecided. but a getaway together is way better than getting more stuff, in my opinion. and he agrees. and it's not like my parents don't spoil me, still ;)

i could barely muster up a list to give my parents. my mom bugged me for months, asking me what i wanted, and i literally could not think of a single thing. finally, late november/early december a few ideas started trickling in. mostly practical things like a wooden cutting board, a milk frother, a french press, oh and a bracelet.
plus, stockings are still my favorite ;) my mom goes all out.
(in order from l-r: chloe, mocha (the cat), my dads, dylan's, moms, and 2 for me :))

i see all these wishlists around blogland, and i only wish i could come up with lists like everyone else! it would make my moms life a lot easier. what are some things you're asking for? or just link me to your list in the comments!


Amanda said...

Yeah, I'm having a hard time coming up with a wishlist too!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't think of anything either. my mom was begging me to tell her what i wanted, and i finally thought of something like a few days go. so this year i'm getting a new ipod nano so maybe i'll actually start running again & the fujifilm instax 25, ha.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Welcome to my life, my boyfriend will NOT give me a list. Drives me insane!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

We're not really doing Christmas gifts this year for anyone. We just got a new apartment, so that's our gift to eachother.

I don't have a big family, so we'll pick up little things for them next week

iris said...

I keep an ongoing list (actually, an email draft) of items to ask for, for Christmas so that I can always make a list when the season comes around. It sort of sounds greedy, except, like you I have difficulty forming a list.

I ask for hiking gear, or baking/cooking equipment though, usually. It's pretty easy.

Jamie Jenkins said...

i was stuck forever my list. so i asked for money. but now that everything is in the stores i can come up with a million and more things to ask for.


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