Friday, October 21, 2011

une petite escapade...

since once again, we can't make it to nyc during december due to silly work, and dylan's classes (of all the times i've been to my favorite city, i've yet to see the christmas magic. ie go in december)-grumble, grumble, curse, curse-we decided to stay within our own country and head to old quebec city. we turned it into an anniversary trip, which works out perfectly because our anniversary falls on a weekend, and that's the weekend we're going. i cannot believe it's going to be 5 years next month! wow.

we just booked it yesterday, and while we're only going for one night, i'm still ridiculously excited. we're renting a car (our first actual ROADTRIP!) and i'm pretty gung-ho about leaving between 4am-5am. i may be crazy, but it's about a 9hour drive and i don't to get there at dinnertime, go to bed, and then have to leave mid afternoon the next day.

unfortunately, the christmas stuff doesn't start until the first week of december. womp womp. maybe, just maybe, stores will have their lights up and on at night? that would be awesome. a little bit of snow on the ground would be even better. can you tell i'm just dying to be in a winter wonderland at some point, somewhere!?!

anyways, i have high hopes for old quebec. cobblestone streets, old buildings, and lots of french speakers. looks like i better brush up on my french (hahahha what a joke; we had to take it throughout some of grade school, and then high scool and i can say exactly 3 phrases). actually, that's what my bilingual boyfriend is for ;)
 this is what i want to see. snow. trees. although maybe the trees are a year-round thing?via.
 and lights. lots of lights. via.

yesterday was our 4 year,11month anniversary ;) (iloveyou!) 
let the countdown begin--29 days! 

oh, happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

i've been to old quebec 2 times and it's just as amazing every time. make sure you're camera's charged and ready to go because you. won't. stop. taking. photos. it's absolutely gorgeous though and so much to do. all the little mum 'n pop shops are amazing and the restaurants are so good. don't worry too much about not knowing french because since it's such a tourist desti pretty much everyone's bilingual and if they give you a french menu just ask for an english one. haha i could go on and on about old quebec, love it so much.

one thing tho, the streets are narrow and steep as hell so make sure your shoes are comfy. OH and watch out for the drivers because they're not nice like here in ontario.. they will run you over if you jaywalk.

Anonymous said...

how fun!!! gorgeous photos and now i am wanting it to be christmas! so gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Just wrote you the worlds longest comment and it deleted. Argh. Happy Friday! I'll email you back this weekend :)

Hannah said...

Oohhh my dear! This looks beautiful! What a wonderful trip this will be :)

Jessica said...

Oh my word, that looks beautiful!! If I had a passport, I would definitely make a trip up there this year! :)

alyssa said...

absolutely gorgeous photos! i've only been to canada with my parents (whomp whomp) but these pictures make me want to give it a second chance!

lovely blog :)


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