Monday, October 24, 2011

stop this train...

we're a little unconventional around here; our date nights can't always fall on a friday or saturday, we don't watch your typical 'date night' movie, and we maybe enjoy weird things a little too much. that being said, on thursday dylan came up around noon and we spent the day together before he left the next morning at 8:30.

as you know, we planned our little anniversary getaway, did some groceries, i made our favorite soup ever (this one), watched a hilarious comedy show on netflix, the old man had a 45 minute nap, and then we watched the human centipede. to be honest, since it came out last year, i've wanted to see it. i was expecting some uber gross, vomit-inducing movie. but no. it was terrible (i mean, not that i was actually expecting it to be good), but the acting was bad, the way it was made wasn't great, and it certainly wasn't gross like i was expecting. maybe i just have a high tolerance for really weird crap? anyways, don't waste your time with that one, though i'm sure it's not on most people's 'must see' list.
 pre dinner snack-delicious pumpkin scones with cream cheese from cobs.
 wine, zinfandel, rose, something along those lines. i`m not really sure.
 a terrible picture, but the 3 of us nonetheless.
dinner is served. cut the bread? psshhh we just ripped it apart.

and then we sat on the couch with full bellies, watched the jersey shore finale (head hung in shame), and ate more; chips and dip.


Melody said...

This sounds like a great night to me! With a busy schedule, I don't always have time for a traditional "date night" either. Good food & good company is all you need:)

Amanda said...

Sounds like a perfect date night to me! Love the pictures of you two!

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