Monday, October 31, 2011

the halloween that didn't happen...

my halloween was a dud. ie it didn't happen. *insert sad and angry face* saturday afternoon i was out with my mom running a few errands and i started to feel crampy (girls, you know why), but i thought it was way too early for that. then we got to my grandma and grandpa's and it was getting worse. i was rocking away in the rocking chair and it was still there. well, of course i got *it* (tmi?) and the gut wrenching cramps that come along with it every month. i knew pretty much right away that i wouldn't be in any shape to go to a party that night. i was piiiissseddd. i mean, i live for halloween and dressing up.

i guess i may as well say what i was going to be. you saw the main components of my costume here and there wasn't very much to it. well, i was going to be one of dexter's victims. i was going to make myself a cling wrap mini dress with blood in the middle of the cling wrap between my boob-ish area and have a knife sticking out of me (that's where he stabs them). and dylan was going to be dexter. we were all set to be awesome. luckily, my 'costume' cost me all of $8 (for a nude pair of underwear, which i can obviously now wear, so really i spent nothing) because i had the cling wrap and blood. and dylan was able to return the few things he bought.

we ended up hanging out at his place, eating chips and lemon pies with warm pudding (they're to die for and from that show recipe to riches and now selling in grocery stores) and watching DEXTER! how convenient. dylan had a few episodes to get caught up on from this season.
waiting in the car for dylan to finish work. blowing jealous kisses to all those in their skimpy costumes getting ready to party. (i wasn't bitter at all haha)
 we picked up some books for our anniversary getaway in less than 3 weeks :)
next day  breakfast at a 50's diner.

 wasting time before the mall opened. i mean, you couldn't get a worse picture, but whatever.
 much happier the next day.
scarf power.

anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN folks. chloe will put on her little bumble bee costume from last year for every walk she goes on today :) and also i'll be taking her out tonight after dinner while all the kiddies are out trick-or-treating. i can't let halloween completely pass me by!


Kristine said...

aww, I'm sorry your Halloween didn't happen! I've definitely been in your shoes more than a few times so I know what you were going through. Love your guys' scarves!

Amanda said...

Sorry that your Halloween didn't pan out, but it would have been a great costume! I had a Halloween a few years ago where I was on crutches, which meant I was couch bound for all the festivities. You just have to make the most of it - watch some scary movies and eat enough junk food to rot your teeth :)

Hope that you guys have a great time walking around with the pup tonight!

Jenn :D said...

Aw sorry your night didn't go as planned..we didn't do anything either. Cute scarf though!!

Nikolett said...

Aww, I hate the stoopid monthly aunt that pops by. Hope your cramps go away instantly; and maybe you can use that costume next year :) That diner looks awesome and that scarf looks so comfy!

Amanda said...

Boooo! I can't believe that I dressed up (and I'm a non-Halloween-lover) and you didn't! Like what?!

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