Tuesday, October 18, 2011

getting fashion-y in here...

to spice up my new purple pants, i'm trying out different combinations of colors, so it doesn't always have to be just a black shirt, or black sweater.

easiest way? add a pop of color with my red scarf! and a jean jacket, and black boots, and a grey shirt. whoa. i actually quite liked this for a casual fall look. the scarf is sooo toasty and i'm pretty obsessed with it. even better that it was free. and yes, once again the pants look blue.

i'm such a fashion blogger now.


Jenn said...

I like that! Nice job with the 'pop' of color. Looks great on you. Happy Tuesday you fashionista!

Ashley said...

I love your red scarf! Way to go pulling off the purple pants! I love it!

Amanda said...

Hey, you're more of a fashion blogger than I am. Not one post has been about an outfit of mine. Plus you're trendy with what you wear so it works.

Blicious said...

I love it with the red scarf! so cute!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

the red scarf is very awesome! and i like the idea of a colour for a little pop!

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