Thursday, September 22, 2011

shop till you drop...

for the last 2 years, i've gone to something called loulou's shop till you drop (see the free swag i've gotten in past years here and here). it's put on by the magazine and a bunch of stores offer discounts, campagne, snacks, goodie bags and other fun stuff. my favorite place is winners because all you have to do is spend $50 and you get a wicked swag bag filled with girly things (it's like a stocking, but in september!); plus, i had a $50 gift card that i got back in may from my parents friends for grad which i still hadn't spent. that being said, every year is the same thing-if i don't see anything i want to buy, i don't get anything. i won't spend $50 just to get free stuff. that's silly. and a waste of money.
 at indigo-live jazz band, half eaten cake pop stand, and a delicious cake pop
 all freeeee. for meeeee. (which means that yes, i found stuff to buy!)
 the black bag on the left came with this big red circle scarf. love it. (from winners) ps. excuse the hair-it was pouring.
another bag from winners. toothpaste, perfume, spf, eye pencil, kleenex, palmers skin oil, blonde shampoo, iced tea packages, herbashine (to make your hair shiny!wooo), and a breakfast bar. and the magazine of course.

and the little black bag in the front- a bookmark, a sucker and a lipgloss from indigo. so what did i buy at winners? a plaid shirt (i was just thinking yesterday i needed a new one for this season, and it was $13!), a grey poncho type sweater (kind of? but hard to explain), valentines day dvd, and a nail polish. and because that came to $49 and it had to be $50 before tax (grrr), i bought a pack of mints to bring me to $52. 

i went to a few of the other stores, but there were long line ups and then it was really starting to rain and my feet were soaking wet and my shoulders were killing me from lugging around all my free stuff. poor me, eh? 
see ya next year! 

ps. i would also like to say that toronto is awesome for giving out free things. i get stuff all.the.time. on the streets.


Unknown said...

OOOO I love that circle scarf! Love the colour and it looks very cozy.

I love winners too - I can always find really trendy one of a kind things that every other girl isn't going to be wearing

daniela said...

*gasp* awesome! do you get a special invite for subscribing to LouLou?!

Blicious said...

lucky lucky you!!!


Anonymous said...

"my shoulders were killing me from all my free stuff" is probably the most pathetic yet awesome statement ever.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous photo of you in that red scarf! Have a great weekend! I'll email you on Sunday :)

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