Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tiff times...

when my mom drove me back to toronto on friday afternoon, she stayed for the weekend in hopes of seeing some celebs who are here for TIFF. mostly goerge clooney.

didn't see george :(
delicious daiquiris in between celeb stalking.
 cbs news people? not important enough for me to care ;)
 there were 2 labs in the back; it was pretty cute.
 crowds waiting across from the hazelton hotel in yorkville, where a lot of celebs stay. and a lot go to that starbucks, too ;)
free stuff throughout the day..4 vodka coolers, 5 cups of chocolate covered coffee beans, chips and cream. pretty good, i'd say. between these bottles, and the wine and sangria and vodka that's in there, my fridge currently looks like a liquor store.
 another day, walking by and seeing this crowd. it was some of the degrassi cast. it's a canadian show that's been on  for years and years (the 15 year old that it used to be about, are now the parents and teachers).
 i can't really consider these kids celebs. i've seen most of the cast around the city at some point or another by now (concerts, clubs, walking by...)
no celeb sightings yet (boo), but there's still 5 days left. i'm keeping my eyes ope. there's hope. 2 years ago, i wrote about seeing michael douglas and matt damon. then last year, here's posts about seeing james franco, michael c hall and sarah silverman. i would have loved to have seen ryna gosling and adam brody this year, but are  ya going to do, eh?


Unknown said...

The daquarias look yummy. what are the clear bottles that say soda on?


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like a great trip!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh that is funny! I have heard of Degrassi. WHO WAS IT! I met one of them and they were like, yeeaaa I was in Degrassi, and we were like um cool? Haha. It was either on a cruise or maybe on my honeymoon...


Anonymous said...

man, so my friend who goes to ryerson got tickets for ten year. not totally sure what happened, if people from tiff were on campus or she was walking around) but the writer gave her and her friends tickets. they got to see adam brody, channing tatum and justin long! isn't that freakin crazy? im not even joking and i'm incredibility jealous.

Lindy Maddox said...

Adam brody is AWESOME. Looks like a fun time even though you didn't see george! That picture with the labs is so cute, looks like something out of a 50's movie! :)

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Love all your photos!!

daniela said...

So jeal of your giveaways! We only got Diet Cokes in glass bottles! which we took home lol & some pop chips.
I guess we also got really close to Seth Rogen too..but I would have preffered the chocolate :P

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