Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bringing out my inner cook...

not only is this pasta dish easy and delicious, but it also makes a lot so i have leftovers for a few days afterwards :)
 plum tomatoes + garlic; feta cubes in oil and spices.

i'm not the best at describing recipes, mostly because there is no set recipe to follow with this. my dad just does whatever, and when i called him for the 'recipe' he just told me a few basic steps. so if anyone cares, here goes:

-heat a bit of extra virgin olive oil in a pan (the 2nd time i made this, i used a bit of oil from the feta package shown above).
-cut the plum tomatoes long ways and then again long ways. then dice into 3. or however big or small you want them really.
-when the oil is warm, throw the tomatoes in with some salt and pepper.
-keep them moving around every once in a while. also, start boiling salted water for your pasta (i prefer bowtie for this) and when ready, add your pasta.
-once the tomatoes start getting soft, add your cut up garlic (i use a lot because i love garlic). my dad puts it in at the beginning with the tomatoes, i put it in about half way. see, no rules.
-i let the tomatoes go on really low heat for about 25-30 minutes total. they get really soft and what not. then i had some basil, either fresh from my parents garden which i break up in small pieces or i guess you could put dried too. i have.
-when your pasta is done, drain (duh) and add to your pan with the tomatoes and garlic (so make sure you use a fairly big pan) and mix up! then i add the rest of the oil from the package shown above (or just some more extra virgin olive oil) and the feta cheese. mix mix mix so everything is covered and you're ready to go! 


Lauren Nicole said...

I don't care that I just slammed breakfast, this looks absolutely scrumptious! Pasta + tomatoes + cheese + garlic = my absolute favorite dish. Ever. Period.

I know what I'm having for lunch!
:) xoxo, Let It Be.

Nikki Jo said...

That looks amazing!! Feta cheese is my favorite.

Unknown said...

that looks so good! i'll have to try it!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yum that looks really good lady!

Nikolett said...

That looks SO good. Anything with tomato and feta cheese is amazing to me, so I really really want to try this out :) My latest recipe is chili on flatbread, so I might share my recipe too!

Liz said...

yummm looks simple, healthy and delicious, which in my mind = the perfect meal :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Haha I am the same way! I suck at describing recipes! That looks really good though and looks like something I make every once in awhile! YUM!!!! I love pasta!!!

Amanda said...

Very impressed my friend! I would eat this all up right now if I wasn't full from my thai food!

Unknown said...

This looks sooo good! Im going have to give this a try sometime!

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