Tuesday, September 27, 2011

no longer jobless!

this is really exciting to say...
i got a job!!!!

i got the call yesterday. is it what i pictured myself doing 5 months post grad? no. a carrer job? no. but that's ok. i have a full time job, i'll get to meet people, hopefully have some fun, and make money!! because that's the important part ;) it was getting prettttyyyy close to me having to leave toronto because i couldn't find anything. so this was perfect timing. it's also my first job in 2 years!! what?!? crazy. what matters is that i can pay my rent + pay off my loans every month. at this point, my parents still pay for my cell phone, internet, cable and food (i know, i'm very lucky and grateful), so those are the 2 things i have to focus on. 

i'm not going to say where it is because 1) i don't know you people and i don't want stalkers!! ;)
2) i don't need this blog coming up in searches for that company. considering my friends/family still don't know about this blog, i don't need my workplace knowing either. again, not that i ever use this to say anything bad, it's just my journal and somewhat personal. ya know?

of course i'll still be looking for a career job (although at this point i still have no idea what i want that to be), but this takes a huge stressor off me. and, about an hour before i got the call, i was taking a look around my apartment and picturing myself telling my landlord i was going to have to leave. it was sad.
 thumbs up for no longer being unemployed! i start next monday :)

-miss yesterday's post? yep, you're at the right blog, i'm now part of the brunette club!


Emily @ TheLastWord said...

Awesome, congrats! Love the hair too, by the way.

Lauren Nicole said...

yay for a job!!! and loving the brown hair. it looks natural! :)

xo, lauren [let it be.]

Unknown said...

Congratulations on getting a job :D
I definitely know the feeling of just taking a job for the sake of having money! We'll worry about the career jobs later ;)


e@thisnotedlife said...

im new and LOVE your blog!! congrats on the new job..wooho!!

Drew's Mom said...

Congrats on the new job! Looks like the new hair do is bringing some luck =)

Blicious said...

CONGRATS!! that is so exciting! :)


Kelsey said...

nice!!! good luck :)

s1814 said...

Wonderful news. Good things come in threes...new hair...new job....???

Amanda said...


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