Thursday, July 21, 2011

i like big gifts and i cannot lie...

besides feelin' the birthday love, the next best thing is gifts, right? ;) i was spoiled, and who doesn't like that once in a while?
 parental gifts, while chloe looks on lovingly
 the ring on my middle finger. all diamonds, baby. just kidding! that would be nice. it's from
and this bracelet by elle (as in the magazine. who new they made jewelry?!). all their jewelry comes with a little ruby on it somewhere, which happens to be my birthstone. so my mom thought that was pretty great. but, i have freakishly small wrists and it slipped right off :( i'll have to find something else. it's so insanely hard for my to find bangles that fit, that sometimes i just buy hoop earrings!
gift from the bf. poor guy, i gave NO ideas. i had none. such a sucky gf.
 i see where this is going..
 a new lens! i actually had an idea that's what he got me when he said something the night before. call it girls intuition because what he said gave nothing away!
perfect card-boy taking a picture of the posing girl.
 i made my own cake hehe i offered. my mom felt a little weird about it, but i needed something to do during the day.

family photo with our child
 finally! i had to stare all day at that cake!

and, that's plenty of pictures of moi. only 364 days until the next one!
(and 157 days until christmas. just sayin')


Anonymous said...

haha i always make my own cake. otherwise it's that crappy store bought stuff from sobey's and just ew.

also, on twitter yesterday you were saying something about essie taking like 3 coats? it depends on the color bc i have "turquoise and caicos" which takes like 4 coats and fifth avenue" which takes only one. i think it's the lighter the color the more it takes but it does stay on for a reeally long time so i think it's worth the 8 bucks.
oy that was long, sorry!

Delaney said...

Yay! Gifts!

Summer Athena said...

love all your loot and you're soooo pretty, love.

Amber said...

Love that ring! So pretty. I love the ruby too in the bracelet.

YUM cake!

Amanda said...

I heart you. No joke. What kind of cake is that?

Megan and Justin said...

yaya for being spoiled! happy birthday :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a great Birthday :)

Stevie Leigh said...

Gorgeous rings! And you're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Um, is that a rainbow chip/funfetti cake? I am slightly obsessed with that cake and I will have a small rainbow chip cake just for myself at my wedding, haha.

V said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN! It looks like you had a fabulous brithday. I am so jealous about your Nikon Lense! Cant wait to see some pictures taken with that baby.

henning love said...

happy birthday! i love that ring from stella and dot, looks like you are a very blessed lady!

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous! you're ring is so pretty...i love it! hope you had a good day!
xoxo, jamie

Studio Mommy said...

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Lindsey said...

oh my gosh! You and your boyf are too cute, love what he got you! And your cake looks yummy! Newest follower!! Thanks for the tips on the lotion by the way!


Unknown said...

happy birthday!! ps--- love the fabric print on the chair! gorgeousness. sommmebody has great taste. <3

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Happy birthday!! You are pretty girl! :)

I really love your blog and your style...
I follow you :)!!
... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too ( I hope you like it)
Kisses from México city!

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