Thursday, June 30, 2011

rollercoasters & water parks & funnel cakes, oh my!

today, dylan and i are off to wonderland! it's been years and years since i've been in the summer. and even at that, i've been with girl friends; never with dylan. the times we've been together have been in october when it's fearfest time (see here and here) and the park is transformed into mazes and walking zombies. good times. but, dylan has 2 free tickets, so yay! i think it's going to be pretty nice today (about 25̊C), so we'll probably spend some time at the water park part, too.
 circa 2005, hence the quality.
 what a beast; he just needed a little lovin'
ahhhhh read to go up! and rides? we're like pb&j. (2007)

time to be a kid for a day.
and hopefully not get burnt.
and eat funnel cakes..ohhh funnel cakes...
deep fried dough, ice cream...
need i say more???


Amanda said...

Have a fantastic time! I have yet to go on a "big rollercoaster" but it's on my list of 24 Before 24...maybe next weekend?

Bethany G said...

Oooh I LOVE rollercoasters! Have fun!

colleen said...

ugh i am so jealous. i officially have a hankering to go to an amusement sometime this summer.

Hepburn Hilton said...

sounds like fun!! Also, all you girls look naked from the waist down in the last photo.. Is it weird that I notice this stuff? lol

Raven said...

YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! I LOVE being a kid for the day and going to amusement parks. LOVE it. HAVE FUN!!!!!

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