Tuesday, October 12, 2010

haunt; a night of terror and fright...

friday night Halloween haunt with friends. scary rollercoasters. freaky mazes. gouls, goblins, ghosts, freaks, back from the dead. running scared for my life out of mazes. clowns that get a little too close for comfort. psycho circus show.
 welcome to haunt
 watch you don't fall!
roomies, weirdo's, whatever you want to call them....
photos #2 and 3-right after the roller coaster finished..as you can maybe tell from our faces...
 dance show
love you!

can't say it was as good as last year, but everything still scared the crap outta me. plus, it was more expensive than last year, which we all found out when we got to the booth. yuck. but all in all, it was a fun night and i'm sure we'll be going back next year!


Dylan said...

Sorry I didn't protect you from the vampires at club blood! Oh and I'm also sorry for laughing at you running for your life toward the exit of the maze with a vampire chasing you lol - you were a good sport and we laughed about it outside, you're so damn cute. Love ya!

dating diva said...

I'm such a wimp, I've never gone to anything as creepy as a haunted house. Maybe I'll give it a try this year.


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