Tuesday, May 10, 2011

welcome to brooklyn...

once we got over the bridge, a lot of food (and waiting in line) awaited us. i had heard grimaldi's made the best pizza in nyc, so that was a no brainer. and then i saw the ice cream place on the food network, and it was literally 1 minute away, so we went there too.
 why thank you..
one hour in line? no problem. (at grimaldi's).
large pizza; not a drop left. eaten in under 7 minutes. i would say that means it was more than good.
time for ice cream overlooking manhattan

break in the sun
mm mm good.
being total nerds on a water taxi around the city. it was crazy windy!
 then, after a good 45 minute walk and asking various people, we found cake man raven!! according to ted allen from the food network, on the show "the best thing i ever ate" this place is the best! look at it all! i've died and gone to red velvet heaven.
 such a happy lady right here. it was ahhh-mazing! the $6 piece (great price by the way) was massive; the 2 of us couldn't even finish it. had to take a few bites home. A-OK with that.
 on the way home, we caught some dancers in washington square park
and then we went on the rooftop again and snapped a few pics at night. we weren't certain how to use the settings, and which shutter speed, aperture etc to use. so it was trial and error. couldn't ask for a better view.

overall, for our first time in brooklyn, we had a blast! by the time we started to walk the bridge, to leaving the cake place, we probably spent about 8 or so hours there. now that we know a little bit more about it, i think we'll make our way out there again on our next trip.


the southern hostess said...

One of my favorite New York spots! I love getting pizza and ice cream over there and enjoying the view.

Amanda said...

THis post is making me hungry! And I just had breakfast...

Raven said...

wait, you two ate that WHOLE pizza? Dang it must have been good! Never been to NY, always wanted to go.

looking at your pics? I want to go RIGHT NOW! great pictures!!

Amber said...

There's a Grimaldi's here, and it's not far from my boyfriend's place, it's amazing isn't it?! LOVE it.

Of course you got red velvet cake ;) I want some now!!!

christine donee said...

Oh em gee.

I want that pizza. NOW.


Tina said...

aww i love this. i have yet to really dig in to brookyln like you have. but brooklyn is pretty great. and wow u waited at grimaldis! my mom went in the dead of winter and there was still an hour long wait lol

Anonymous said...

ooh looks like you had so much fun! i love new york, there's such a plethora of restaurants and good food to try.


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