Monday, May 9, 2011

home away from home-NYC...

oh new york, new york. i think i'll mostly let the pictures do the talking. i mean, i can say how awesome it was, and that we had great weather (except the last day where it rained), and how we walked a tonne, but i won't. we stayed in the east village in an apartment, and loved the neighborhood feel like we had last year in chelsea. so, here goes...

top picture: where we stayed; then the inside + the view from the rooftop deck. home for 5 days.
 the huxtable house (from the cosby show) and SATC house
 loved this. can i have this dog? dylan took this one (in fact, he took most!)
 drinks on the rooftop
next day: breakfast at mud.
 taking a break on the way to the brooklyn bridge
 so large and so tiny.
 walking the brooklyn bridge. i can't believe it took me like 8 trips to nyc to do it.

 just hangin' out being all cool.

i'll leave it at this for now. next up: once we cross the bridge and get into brooklyn! a day of food!


Dree said...

I'm swooning over your pictures. The SATC house?! Amazing. I am so jealous that you walked the Brooklyn Bridge - I would have died of an anxiety attack a quarter of the way through, haha!

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing all your fabulous pictures! Even though I'm a living in the suburbs of NYC, it's still nice to see fantastic photos!

daniela said...

How did you get an apartment?!?!? It's absolutely lovely!! Well allllllll of it is :))

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

THAT is one amazing NYC apartment


That's a pretty damn great home for MORE than 5 days.


Quinn said...

The place you stayed is amazing! I love it! I really want to go to NYC now, damn you! :D

Brittany Rossman said...

Your trip looks amazing!! Glad you made it into Brooklyn =) I want more info on that cute place you stayed cute!!

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