Monday, January 24, 2011

thoughts on 127 hours...

if you follow me on twitter (@simply_girly), then you know that this weekend i watched 127 Hours. not once, but twice. i watched it by myself first, then on friday i watched it with my 2 girlfriends. just like Black Swan, i had been waiting since september to see this movie. ever since i saw the trailer at TIFF, i knew i had to see it. i actually remember hearing about the story when it first happened. if you don't know, it's about a man, Aron Ralston, whose arm becomes trapped between a canyon and a boulder and he has to cut if off if he wants to survive. he's out there alone for 5 days, hence 127 hours.
i went to the red carpet premier with my friend in september and i really wish we had gotten tickets to see it at the premier as well. James Franco as well as Aron Ralston both gave speeches and i would have loved to hear what they said about it.
 the very handsome franco
and Aron Ralston himself

we got to see everyone from the movie, which was pretty cool. but getting back to the movie itself. it was incredible. to see everything that this man went through, it was unbelievable. i cannot even imagine. when it comes to the part of him cutting his arm off, it is very greusome. and i can handle watching a lot of gross stuff (i read that people have fainted in the theatre, and i don't doubt it). but mr franco pulled it off and you can feel the pain, the strength, the desire to get out, and every emotion that he's feeling. and you can just imagine the sense of freedom and happiness that must overcome him as he is no longer trapped. in the end i was crying, and thinking what an amazing, inspiring man he is. he's also written a book on his experience and you can bet that it's already on my list of books to buy.
i highly recommend seeing this movie. and even if you don't like blood, it's only about 3 or 4 minutes at an hour:15 in.
Aron Ralston, i think you are my new hero.


Blicious said...

OMG James Franco is so sexy!


Unknown said...

i'm glad you wrote about this! i've been looking forward to seeing it...even though i don't like blood.
xoxo, jamie

Tess Atkinson said...

I am very jealous, I loved the film even though I was desperate to see how his family reacted at the end but it was never shown! x

Harley said...

Okay firstly, I can't wait to see this movie, and I love James Franco, and I know that I'll totally be rooting for him when I go to see the movie...

BUT. (don't hate me!)

Aron Ralston has basically made a living out of being an idiot. I mean, look at the money this story has made him, and then think about the fact that people call him a hero, 'inspirational' etc. etc.

No. The guy is a moron. He fecked off 1. all by himself and 2. never told anybody where he was going. If he had died, he would have been given a Darwin Award. But because he managed to cut off his own arm and free himself from a situation he only got into due to his own sheer stupidity, he gets hailed as a hero?


Apparently after he got out of hospital, he went to his local bar and waved his stump about, claiming it was going to "make him milions".

James Franco's Aron Ralston? A lovable rogue.
The real Aron Ralston, however, sounds like an unbelievable douche.

Harley said...

This part of the Pajiba review puts it much better than I did;

"Now, let’s get this out of the way first and foremost. Aron Ralston is a fucking idiot. He’s become a motivational speaker, traveling the world climbing rocks and spreading his gospel of survival. The fact that he survived his ordeal is nothing short of remarkable. Except, it’s his own fucking fault for being there in the first place. He ran off into the wilderness, never telling anyone where he was planning on being, by himself, and got stranded. Had he bothered to inform anyone of his intentions, he would have probably been found before he had to self-amputate his own arm. Foolish pride and arrogance put him in danger, a danger which against all odds, and he managed to live to tell the tale. That doesn’t make him a hero, it makes him one lucky-ass motherfucker who should seriously never gamble again because he has used up every single blessed ounce of luck that has ever been afforded to him. If he buys a lottery ticket, it might induce a fatal paper cut. You don’t automatically become a hero solely based on the fact that you did something incredibly fucking stupid and selfish and didn’t die. A fireman who runs into a burning building that’s falling down around him to save just one more child is a hero; not the guy who sets off a bunch of bottle rockets and lives after one embeds itself into his forehead. Granted, Aron Ralston isn’t as fucking annoying as Christopher McCandless and his hippie trek to a frozen grave, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw him a parade.

And that’s where Danny Boyle saves the film. He never tries to separate the stupid from the survival. While trapped under the boulder, Aron never stops trying to get himself free. He keeps it together as best he can, but he still has breakdowns and freakouts and frail moments. But Boyle infuses every moment with dark and bristling humor, usually self-deprecating confessions delivered into Ralston’s videocamera. Ralston knows he fucked up, and he figures he’s dead. Danny Boyle’s version of Aron Ralston, which owes much to Ralston’s memoir, is one that is so very human. So when he manages superhuman feats, it’s done so fucking well, that you can cheer him on even though he damn well did this to himself. Our audience actually cheered when he went sans-limb."

Zsara Louise said...

aaah James Franco is so lovely and so blooming intelligent - he does everything!!

i'm definitely keen to see this - there's so many good films out atm! i don't really know that much about the guy, aron, but i guess it'd be an interesting story {if not a lil bit gross!} i dont know if id be able to do the same in that situation! :S xoxo

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