Monday, November 15, 2010

a birthday weekend...

weekend go by far too fast. actually, weeks in general go by too fast. saturday night, a bunch of friends got together for my friend's 23rd birthday. we all met at her place before for some snacks and then headed out later on.
 our trio
some of the girls-birthday girl 3rd from the left
having a little fun (don't even ask what's going on with my face on the left). for some reason, i was getting really whited out with my camera flash last night. made for not so great pictures.
 kisses-of course he has a huge smile!
 well aren't we the happy couple
 this girl is absolutely hilarious, had me in stitches the whole night. and i swear, dylan wasn't the only guy there!
 zebra cupcakes and happy birthdays
 this was totally not planned. we just took the picture, each doing this, then looked at it, and we were like OMG haha does this one deserve a frame or what?! ha

 notice the couple in the back. they were making out the whole night, like really going at it. it was disgusting. at one point,  he has his hand down the back of her pants and was grabbing her ass. umm no lol dylan just had to get a picture! (he actually went to high school with her, but she was a little busy and didn't notice him)

and then! there was a girl with the most ridiculous pouf (poof?) i have ever seen. it put snooki's to shame! i've just never seen anything like it before. did she really think it looked good? probably. i so badly wanted to take a picture, but i'm pretty sure she saw me staring and i really didn't want to get attacked by guidettes!! ha!
see the 1st picture, 2nd row? yeah, it was double that. i'm 100% dead serious. wrong.just.wrong.

after the club, a couple of us went to a Mediterranean restaurant that's open until 4am on the weekends. it's always jam packed after everyone leaves the bars/clubs in the area. it's so delicious and they give you tonnes of the most amazing white garlic sauce to drench your food in. overall, it was a long night, and i'm not really a club person anymore (i would much prefer a laid back bar), but you know, it was a friends birthday, so i'll make an exception ;)
i got home and got to bed at 4:45am. ridiculous. i'm not made for that! then i got up at 8:45am on my own. don't ask why, i just woke up. needless to say, i slept very well last night! 

which i needed because today i'm studying for a test tomorrow. it never.ends. i swear.


Unknown said...

You girls look so adorable! I couldn't agree more with you on the "not made for clubs" anymore thing. I took my younger sister out for her 21st birthday back in the summer time and she was like the energizer bunny - she could've danced and partied till the sun came up again. I slept the whole next day! :P

The picture of you and Dylan definitely deserves a frame :) don't ya love when moments like that happen - true love!

happy Monday and good luck with your school work!

Unknown said...

sounds like you had a great weekend! love your outfit and you look gorgeous like always!
xoxo, jamie

daniela said...

Whoa Dylan is rocking quite the 'stache for Movember!

You ladies look tres fab as well! Which reminds me...i need to start looking for a bday outfit myself :)

And as you know...i feel your lack of sleeping in pain :(

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