Saturday, October 2, 2010

skype fun

on thursday night i got the chance to skype with Katie from Jersey Blonde!!
my usage of skype is quite limited; i got it about 3 years ago and used it once with dylan, then quickly forgot the username and password. so Katie had told me to get it and i set up another account! i tried it the day we were supposed to have our 'date' with dylan first, just so i knew what i was doing and how it all worked haha
is it weird that i was a little nervous? i'm pretty shy, but i had a feeling from her blog that she was the complete opposite! and what can i say? it was fun! she's just like i expected, totally adorable and super nice!
check us out, chit-chatting away.

i had told dylan about our convo and i showed him this picture, so he could see who i was talking to and such. his response? "oh, she's pretty, and normal looking." haha yes, what did you expect silly???  anyway, i think i'll have to start using skype more now!

on another note, tonight is Nuit Blanche put on by Scotiabank. it's a 'free all-night contemporary art event' that starts at 6:57 pm until sunrise ;) now, me and dylan definitely won't be out until sunrise. he works until 6:30 tonight, so he should be here by 8 and we'll head out shortly after that. basically all around the city there is different types of art set up; from things that i don't understand (ha!), to magic-type acts, to creepy movies on screens and everything in between. we went last year, so it should be a good time. i'm just hoping the rain comes during the day and is able to hold off tonight!!


Kerrymarie said...

ahh thats so cool! never tried skype :)

Brittany said...

Skype with me! BOTH of you! !!

Katie said...

Aww u were nervous thats funny!! You didnt have to be nervous silly, I was excited!! Skyping was fun , we talked for over an hr!! Your so sweet and super nice too!
I'm glad Dylan thinks im "normal looking" ahaha my blog is not fake and I am the same person in pictures haha. Well whenever I'm on and u wanna skype dont be nervous!!!!
Have fun tonight with Dylan, like I told you I need art haha!

Anna Walker said...

Awesome! :) I have skype...I am not sure how to actually use it! Do you need a microphone or something?!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Very cool! I've never tried Skype before but I've heard good things about it.

Gen Y Journo said...

wow that is so awesome! isn't skype wonderful!

Misty Michelle said...

HAHA!! This is so awesome! I have never used Skype but now I want to!!!

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