Monday, October 4, 2010

all night art show..except not all night for us...

on saturday night, the rain held off for Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche. it was off and on all day and then around 6 or so, it seemed to stop, the sky cleared up and the dampness went away. it called for rain all night, but luckily, it just never came. although, it was still cold. it was like 7 or 8 degrees; i was wearing toasty socks and converse (my feet were warm at least!), jeans, sweater, jacket and gloves, and i was shivering!! ahhhh. but it was so crisp and such a perfect night. a lot of main streets were shut down and it really takes over the whole downtown core.

i know people who aren't familiar with toronto won't think this covers a lot, but it really does. i think they said about a million people came out last year, and i'm sure this year was the same, if not more. we headed out around 8:30pm and got home just after 12:30am. 
 first things first, dylan had to get a cheeseburger springroll..
photographs of toronto people projecting on Holt Renfrew.
 fire in yonge dundas square
 this was actually cool, he was squirting paint on the small canvas and then spinning it and letting it do its own thing
 an elephant i named 'amy' in the distillery district
a lot of pennies...people were just throwing them in
renegade parade; an illegal parade with thousands of followers blocking the streets (including the ttc we were on, grrr!)

we saw a lot of cool things, but as you can see, my camera doesn't work too well at night. the last installment we saw before going home? naked people. yep. 2 girls were  facing each other in a doorway, standing quite closely to each other, and you had to walk through them. so close each person had to go through sideways. and yes, we actually waited in line to do this. interesting to say the least. there's so much we didn't see, but we kind of just go with the flow and we didn't look at the pamphlet good enough to see all the good stuff and make sure we got there. well, there's always next year. and maybe next year we'll be able to stay out until it's over, ie sunrise..ha, ya right.


Brittany said...

Sounds like fun!! :)

Loved all the pictures!

daniela said...

it was freezing! i wanted to wear what you wore out, to the bar frig! Which by the way was hard to come home from b/c of the LACK of taxis :P

A friend of mine also hit nuit blanche and said he saw a 'travelling exhibit' of PARACHUTE! That's one thing i would have loved to see! lol

ps: does anyone ever stay till the end?!

Not Used said...

You two always come up with the coolest stuff to do! Totes jealous.

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