Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the great debate ...

it's time to upgrade my phone, and i complain a lot on twitter about having to wait. i always sign a 3 year contract and it's always been that at 18months, you get an upgrade..great, that was april (i think). so i go into Rogers and they're all, 'no, we changed things, if you want to upgrade to another smartphone, it's now 2 years."  *blank stare from me..*

at 18months with my blackberry, it was already freezing, had to be restarted almost daily from not being able to open BBM's, if i wanted to take a picture, i had to delete a picture (and i only had about 100 on there). so the fact that they tell me i have to wait another 6 months!? i was complaining to my mom that there was NO way this phone was going to last. either it would die on its own, or it would die a crumbly death when i threw it against the pavement or my wall out of frustration.

well, i made it the necessary 6 months (a very angry and annoyed 6 months) and in the meantime i've been having the great debate with myself...

iphone4 or another blackberry!?

what the blackberry has got going for it: most importantly-a real keyboard, a little light that flashes when i have a message or missed phone call or anything else that i need a reminder for-very handy!!, it's small and fits in my tiny wallets, BBM (blackberry messenger) and well, i'm just used to it.
iphone: well, the screen and the awesomeness that it's a computer at hand, the 5 mega pixel camera (!!), HD video, all the sweet apps (hello, words with friends?! and the awesomeness that is shazam) *oh, i'm Bree_19 if you want to play me ;) *...and obviously a bunch more. the downside? i still kind of hate the keyboard (getting better on my itouch but still would prefer a real keyboard), and no flashing light.
*i might have to get some conductive thread and sew a little piece into the appropriate fingers of some gloves so i can still use it in the fall/winter, i hear that works?*

but with that being said, about a month ago i made my decision. the iphone4.

now see, they came out in canada july 31. and i thought, awesome, by the time i can upgrade, they will have them in stock. WRONG!  i have been on the hunt for the past week and they are still SOLD OUT everywhere! you know what the people at rogers tell me? well, we might be getting 1 (!!) in, we might be getting 7 (!!??). if almost one month after it came out, you still can't keep it in stock, why are you not getting like 100!? why isn't apple able to keep up. it is beyond frustrating. i just want my new phone dammit!! 

and..end rant.


Amy said...

I caught iPhone Fever myself last winter. I was sick on my BB (Curve) and just WANTED an iPhone, everyone had them, and everyone loved them...well somehow I jinxed myself and my Curve died (due to an encounter with nail polish remover). So I got on the phone with Telus (my carrier) and started trying to get the best deal POSSIBLE for an iPhone (3G). I ended up paying an arm and a leg, but I would do anything for an iPhone.

I got my iPhone and it was pretty, it had apps, but there was something missing. LOVE

I LOVED my BB features... BBM YES! Keyboard YES! FLASHY LIGHT YES!!!!!!

At the time I paid for a brand new iPhone over $300 (for the cheapest one) and I could have got a new Curve for $250 without signing a new contract. Shoulda coulda woulda.

I used to use my phone all. the. time. but my iPhone became a paperweight, and the email was useless.

So I did a trade for a Tour, and I haven't been happier.

Blackberry's are MUCH better than they used to be. If you had a Pearl (not sure what you had) don't even call it a BB... they sucked and should be thrown and crushed on the pavement.

I'm sure the iPhone 4 is all cool, but it's still just an iPod Touch with the phone feature and a camera, yah it's cool it's a 5 megapixel camera, but most people have cameras with 10+ now... why do you need an amazing phone one?

Take it as a sign from the heavens that it's not available and get the Blackberry Torch, or save even more money and get the newly reduced beautiful white Bold (something only Rogers has).

On the plus side, if you cave and get the iPhone... and you hate it (which from my experience a lot of BB users do) you can always do a trade on Kijiji.

Anna Walker said...

I have the BB storm 2 and I love it! Much much much better than the BB Curve, they have changed so much, it goes faster, doesn't freeze and is easier to use!

Brittany said...

I want an iphone SOOO bad but I have verizon for another year! NEXT YEAR though!

Holly said...

i vote blackberry! tried and true.

daniela said...

Love my Blackberry Curve 8520, HATE Rogers. That's a topic for another day though.

Rogers is supposed to be getting the new Curve 3G (likely with the brand spankin' new OS 6 as well!) so maybe look into that?

Also, this link had a similar debate and there were comments by iphone4 users that may help :)

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