Thursday, August 26, 2010

ever see a real angel?

i mean a victoria's secret angel? in person? no? ya, me either.
until today..maybe.

Adriana Lima is going to be at toronto's yorkdale mall today, for the grand opening of the first victoria's secret in toronto.
see?? via

now, if me and my girlfriend decide to go, we ain't spending $100 to get VIP..i don't even think we care to get her autograph. i would just want to get a picture, and probably not even beside her. as if i really want to stand beside a woman who is about 8-9 inches taller me, yet probably only weighs 5-10lbs more!  ha 

but who knows, they have been showing commercials like mad lately, so i'm sure the mall will be absolutely ridiculously jammed. so we may not go. but it could be cool. and also add in the fact that i'm at my parents place, and not in toronto, so it's not a quick subway ride away.

i'm just excitied we're actually finally getting stores in toronto. there's another one opening at the mall i go to all the time, so yay to that. maybe there will be another big angel there for that?

on an unrelated, goodbye note, i can't believe it's already thursday again? time is too fast this summer.


Kate said...

I know what you mean about time going too fast! I still have several weeks left before I go back to college, but I feel like the time is going to fly.

Exciting news about the store opening. I actually work for VS, but alas, have never met any of the angels... however I have seen our company's CEO in my store! Kinda cool but not quite the same haha.

Anna Walker said...

Time is going so fast it's crazy! For me summer isn't going to end until after labor day weekend! :)

Nikolett said...

Ooo, let me know how that goes! I'm so excited Victoria's Secret is finally coming to Canada ... and I completely agree on summer going by much too fast, but hopefully we can both make the most of what's left :)

Dree said...

Time is going ridiculously fast! That's too cool about Adriana Lima coming to Toronto!

Miss Innocent said...

ohhhhh victoria's secret angels......

tara said...

i would love to meet adriana lima! she's my fave angel!

julia said...

It would be so cool to meet a supermodel, but I agree on not wanting to get a picture beside her. I'd probably look at it, start comparing myself, and end up depressed.

Hepburn Hilton said...

She is beautiful!! But, Heidi Klum will always be my fav. angel.. but then again, she might not be one anymore??

I'm looking around VS pages for a while now.. wanted to get some hot bikinis on sale for my vacay in Malta next month.. but this year's sale is kind of crappy..In my opinion. I always used o find so much great stuff, but not this year :( Major let down.

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