Monday, July 26, 2010

my own personal guinness record...

i've already put my giant cupcake pan to use! it's certainly the biggest cupcake i've ever made, or eaten for that fact. on friday, dylan came up and it was the perfect time to try out the cake.
the cherry on top completes the look! i put the mug there so you could get an idea of how big the cake is.
he's in love! (i think it was about 6"x6")
and i must admit, dylan did the icing on the top, not me. i'm hoping each time i make this, i'll get better and better at the icing, and maybe some day it will look somewhat professional ;)

it was so hot all day friday and even at night it barely cooled down. it was still in the 30s with an awfully high, muggy humidex. my AC couldn't even keep up with the heat so my place still wasn't completely cool. we sat on the couch in our undies (and i in a tank top as well) and ate cake and watched 500 days of summer (me for the 2nd time in about 2 weeks because i just like it that much). such a relaxing, needed friday night.

AND i have the kind of boyfriend who does this-he just posted it and i had to share :)♥


Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...


Xo said...

Looks so yummy!! I need to invest in one of those!!

Beth said...

wow!! i popped over to your bf's blog and you have a sweetie!! stay strong with your long distance. it's worth it, i promise!! my husband and i did it for essentially 6 of our 8 years dating. it was very hard but now i can tell you it was so worth it. best of luck to you both! :)))

Brittany said...

lOve the cupcake..

and love your boyfriend!

Holy fricken cuteness! You landed the epitomy of boyfriends! Lock that one down! :)

Looks like a perfect friday night!


Patricia said...

aw you should def go back it's beautiful!! and yay to torontonians :)

p.s that cupcake looks SOOO good. yum! that is really a cup shaped CAKE :p

Blicious said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks amazing! how fun!

im a new follower!


Chelsea said...

I have always wanted to try one of those huge cupcake pans!

chiarabella said...

so glad you enjoyed the movie (and the bf did too!) the song and dance number is prob my favourite scene ever. also the one with the colour/backdrop fade. so so wonderful.

Punky said...

OMG your first cupcake cake turned out WAAAAAAAY better than mine! The entire top of mine was in pieces and I had to "glue" it back together with an entire can of frosting =(

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